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  1. Hybrid Working Approach: We are a company that embraces a hybrid working policy. Our approach is designed to provide flexibility to our employees, support work-life balance, and enhance productivity. Some of our employees have the option to work remotely, while others can continue working from the office.
  2. Remote Work Opportunity: We offer the opportunity for talented professionals from around the world to join our team through remote work. This policy allows us to collaborate with skilled individuals regardless of their location. Remote work is effectively managed through our technological infrastructure and communication tools, ensuring seamless collaboration.
  3. Flexible Working Hours: We provide our employees with flexible working hours to enable a better work-life balance. In suitable projects and tasks, our employees can determine their own work schedules and operate during the timeframes when they are most productive. This flexibility enhances motivation and supports employee satisfaction.
  4. Communication and Collaboration Tools: We provide the necessary tools for effective communication and collaboration in a remote work environment. Email, instant messaging applications, video conferencing, and project management tools enable continuous communication and collaboration among employees. This ensures smooth teamwork and project management.
  5. Performance Evaluation: When evaluating employee performance, we follow a results-oriented approach aligned with our hybrid working approach. Performance assessments are based on the ability of employees to achieve goals, take responsibility, collaborate, and deliver results effectively. Objective criteria are used to evaluate the performance of local and global teams equally.
  6. Data Security: We take the necessary measures to protect the privacy rights and data security of our employees. All employees are required to comply with our privacy policies and data protection guidelines. Current security measures are implemented to ensure data security and business continuity.

These working policies are designed to create a flexible, collaborative, and productive work environment. We continuously review and update these policies to adapt to the needs of our employees and achieve the best outcomes.