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Discovery Consulting

$ 3999.99

Monthly Package
  • Drug Discovery Consulting
  • 2.100 New Molecules
  • High-Throughput Virtual Scanning
  • New Drugs
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Scanning Library

$ 4999.99

Monthly Package
  • Virtual Scanning
  • Scanning Million Molecules
  • Fast Results
  • New Drugs
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De Novo Molecule

$ 6999.99

Monthly Package
  • De Nova Drug Design
  • Patent Check
  • Synthesis Scheme
  • Synthesis Consultancy
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    Drug Discovery
    Drug discovery is a long and expensive process that involves researching, developing, and launching innovative drugs to treat illnesses. Its goal is to produce affordable, safe, and effective therapies to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. Technological advances like AI and big data analytics have improved the precision and speed of identifying and verifying drug targets, increasing success rates.
    Research and Development Support
    Science support includes funding, equipment, expertise, mentorship, data management, outreach, and professional development opportunities. It is crucial to conducting high-quality scientific research and is provided by government, academic, private, and industry sources. Science support drives innovation and progress in multiple fields.
    Molecular Modeling Consultancy
    A consultancy uses software to simulate molecules in drug discovery, material science, and agricultural chemistry. Services include computational chemistry, molecular dynamics, pharmacophore modeling, and bioinformatics. This reduces research time and resources, increasing efficiency and accelerating development.

    Virtual Screening:
    Perform virtual screening of compound libraries to identify potential drug candidates or molecules with desired properties.