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We provide all services related to drug design. We design molecules that treat diseases with molecular modeling. Make Informed decisions with our Molecular Modeling Framework based on the latest in GPCR Ligand Docking.We also have experience with a wide range of receptor ligand binding studies for designing new agonists and antagonists for a variety of biological targets. We provide expert support for choosing the frameworks, run all sorts of different molecular dynamics and docking simulations which allow us to investigate dynamics and structure of the drug molecules in a way that maximizes the potential if they might be drug candidates.It is essential to make an informed decision before investing in developing new drug lead compounds since the costs can be very high, ranging from $1-$1.5 million per molecule, and this figure can increase significantly depending on the complexity of initial compound structure, including side chains on its structure. Our team has extensive knowledge regarding manufacturing of this kind of compound which is a vital part when it comes to bringing potential drugs through clinical trials and into small-molecule medicines.

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Drug Development Services

Molecular modeling is the process of building computer models of molecules. The result of this activity can be used for a wide range of applications: from designing new molecules (drugs), to understanding their behavior and to help drug discovery and development efforts.

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